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The last twelve months have flown by and been really busy – a defining period for our business. So much so that this idea of a blog just got lost in the ‘noise’ I guess – tell me I’m not the only one! Anyway as we enter our seventh year we are determined to get all this social media harnessed effectively into our business plan.

The last quarter has seen investment in training on such techniques from the likes of James Lavers with his Video Conversion course and Crowd Conversion from Robert Grant. This Saturday I am away to London again for a session on Public Speaking with Joanna Martin.

All this is because we want to offer help to businesses who need to work smarter and not harder which invariably means streamlining their systems so they are less wasteful and variable in whatever they do. More will follow on how we intend to do this – and a tad quicker than the last post. Must away as I have a webinar to attend.

Adding my two penn’orth

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Quality
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That’s probably all we will have left if these financial misdemeanours carry on much longer! I wondered if it would add any value to the debate by making my views known, but when practical solutions to the shortcomings exist then why not. Here goes.

Here in the UK, the revelations weren’t just in the financial sector with sensitive data lost in the post beforehand and more recently confidential strategy documents revealed to eagerly waiting journalists in broad daylight. How have we managed to reach a situation where such ineptitude and incompetence is becoming the norm? Is it all down to greed for those in the financial services or has the almost complete lack of control in all these areas of business simply been an accident waiting to happen.

Feelings are understandably running high where limited personal wealth is involved and those responsible should never be allowed to underestimate just how much ordinary working people are aghast and bitter at the lapses in control. Dismissive and often arrogant ripostes and unjustified rewards will only fan the flames.

To a quality professional like myself it all seems so unnecessary when you think that manufacturing businesses accredited to ISO quality standards would never be allowed to run in such a slap-dash manner. Responsibilities and levels of authority defined, an agreed command structure, working practices clearly established and communicated, a comprehensive document control system, competent people in place, nominated quality representative. The lists goes on.

Perhaps I am over simplifying things but it is good to see the CQI making its points to those in power. In keeping with that we should all use every opportunity to sell the philosophy of a good ISO system then perhaps will get sustainable improvements rather than what may just turn out to be just ineffective quick fixes.