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Peter&Helen WB smallIt can take a while to get a case study completed  – but isn’t it worth it! Read on . . .

Turner Hire & Sales Ltd have been established in South Yorkshire since 1972 hiring and selling industrial plant from their branches at Rotherham, Wath, Worksop and Sheffield. The company decided they needed to give their customers a clear signal of their desire and determination to provide an even better quality product and service. This led them to look at the international quality management standard ISO 9001 and search for a local consultant.

In doing so Managing Director Mick Holmes came across another Rotherham based Chamber member, Pete Thornton-Smith of the 9001 Support Centre at Thornbank on Moorgate, at a Quality Conference in Sheffield back in 2014. They soon struck up a good understanding of the work required and how to ‘make it happen’.

Mick makes the point, “I always feel much more comfortable working with local experts and found that whoever I asked, one name kept getting recommended, so Pete was subsequently engaged to work with Quality Manager Helen Hollingworth and began working with Turner Hire late 2014 and we are delighted with the outcome”.

“Pete demonstrated a vast amount of knowledge as regards the standard but more importantly, how to work with us to ensure that we installed an effective system that everyone understood. A jargon free area if you will. In addition, we threw him a few curve balls it has to be said, but he calmly dealt with them and returned them with interest”.

Mick goes on to say “The certification of compliance with ISO 9001:2008 recognises that the policies, practices and procedures of our firm ensure consistent quality in the product and service that we provide to our customers. With this certification, our customers can be confident that Turner Hire & Sales Ltd is dedicated to maintaining the highest efficiency and responsiveness in achieving our ultimate goal – guaranteed customer satisfaction”.

“Achieving the certification was a smooth and natural progression for the company, because it essentially formalised the structures, standards and processes we already had in place. Having gained certification for all our sites at the end of 2015 with ISOQAR, we are in a much stronger position commercially and have been delighted to see the benefits that Pete talked about early on in the project”. Peter and Helen are pictured with the certificate.

It goes without saying we would recommend Chamber members to collaborate together as much as they can and if you need 9001 (and 14001 or 18001 for that matter as we do) then Pete’s your man. He really does ‘Lighten the Load’.

You can contact turner Hire and Sales on 01709 828444, or email them on

As always Pete can be contacted at the ISO 9001 Support Centre on 01709 301303 or via his website or email at


Customer satisfaction. . . . . how are we meant to measure that then for heaven’s sake.  Not the dreaded questionnaires, oh telephone surveys well that’ll work.  Why don’t we send our sales people out to talk to them whilst we’re at it.

This is one of the major stumbling blocks for many companies when they start  to get their heads round paragraph 8 in the ISO 9001 standard.  However, there it is plus your data on deliveries and reject levels isn’t good enough on its own – it needs to be data that your customer has generated.  Well I’ve got some great news for you – the goal posts are on the move!

I just read Dr Osman Khan’ blog here and it discusses the need not just to get the order there on time at the right price and quality but to go one better and delight the customer.  Would that create ‘delight’ – well think how you felt when you last bought something then received more than you expected – more than would just keep you satisfied.  Suggests it would work doesn’t it and certainly in current times when any competitive edge is worth recording especially if this generates more customer loyalty for your efforts.

Customer satisfaction is the base line, a given, so you need to go beyond it. So when you next sit down with your team don’t just settle for ‘satisfaction’ raise the bar and aim for ‘delight’.  Now there’s a challenge.