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Once you are in the driving seat of that QMS you soon start to realise that there is more to running that 9001 system than just knowing the standard inside out and being qualified to do the internal audits. You are the key person in your organisation and to be effective you will need to develop the so called soft skills – and fast!

Mulling over exactly what these skills might be with some of my quality colleagues we came up with the following guidelines that you might want to consider.

Approach the task with a thorough knowledge of the processes where you work, that all important eye for detail backed up with sound data analysis and problem solving. Develop a simple and effective system for people to buy into. Be determined and assertive as you take on the role of leader but remember there will be times you have to be the negotiator or the diplomat.

Communicate in a variety of styles as befits the situation. Have the ability to be the trainer, mentor, presenter and – most importantly – the listener. Be seen by your peers as credible, trustworthy, passionate yet patient if required and fully integrated into the management team.

Develop your own ideas in innovative and open minded ways and be inspirational to those around you. Finally, ensure you retain your sense of humour at all times and grow a thick skin for when you hit difficulties. Accept the need for humility for those times when you make a mistake – as you will!

Now, perhaps that sounds a bit of a daunting prospect but you’re not alone. Fortunately there are people available to help you on this journey. The need to mentor quality representatives exists so check out this initiative here if you recognise that you might need help along the way.