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That might seem an odd question but it was the one that CQI’s CEO Simon Feary asked of the local Yorkshire Group recently when we met at Leeds earlier this month.  Simon is currently ‘on tour’ going round the various regional groups to get feedback on this issue.  He also wanted to let members know that he has a vision whereby the CQI will become a ‘must join’ body in 2016.

But why?

Well, you may remember some time back there was a certain report issued stating that there could be a serious amount of money added to UK PLC if more companies made use of a quality management system (QMS) within their businesses.  There was a strong feeling that this would seriously raise the profile of the quality professional, but what happened – nothing.

Likewise, over recent years there have been numerous failures within businesses that can be taken as good examples as to what can happen without the controls that a QMS brings to a business.  Remember the financial meltdown of 2008, that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the contaminated baby food in China, the fiasco with the food supply chain here in the UK, the irregularities with the tender process for a UK main line rail route and so on and so on.  However, what was the outcome as regards us Quality professionals – nothing.

Why was there so little interest?

You begin to wonder what has to happen in order to get the Q word used and accepted as a must have in the future, so why was it met with such apathy. The belief is that the media don’t really understand what quality is, after all how would you describe it?  The common threads that come through from these disasters is the ‘risk to the brand’ and the ‘high costs’ incurred – not forgetting that lives were lost both as victims and management.  Some would argue it also brought, and may still bring, some of the businesses perilously close to the edge.

On a much smaller scale, I recall offering an article to my local respected business newspaper on the benefits of 9001 to SMEs only to be asked – what’s 9001?

Do you know the way forward?

So, have you any ideas as to what the Quality community needs to do to make itself sexy?  Let’s be hearing from you via this blog.

CQI article – November 2012

This latest in the line of good content coming out of the CQI reflects on what they and I can only describe as a missed opportunity following the recent report on how much buisnesses adopting a Quality Management System in the UK could yield the GDP.

Having been asked to a meeting at BIS, Simon Feary talks us through the lacklustre response from them that basically revolves around their stance that they don’t see it as their role to tell business what to do. Maybe not in terms of operational specifics but surely some support and encouragement as to what might be a useful gconcept. Give me strength.

LINK: BS 8577 – Can we bank on it for our financial services sector?

Readers of this blog won’t be at all surprised to see me put the spotlight back on this particular aspect of business as we come to terms with the misdemeanours of the last few years.  Delighted to see the CQI putting out some really good content on the subject as we all try and get the message out there that quality management systems have a part to play in preventing such fiascos.

Here Robert Gibson looks at the latest failures and plans from regulators to restore quality and professionalism. As Clive Adamson, Director of Supervison at the FSA, said at the Institute of Economic Affair’s in June “What we have learned from the past is that things go wrong when business models are not based on a sound foundation of fair treatment of consumers and a strong culture that supports this leading to products being sold that are not suitable for those buying them” in relation to the most recent mis-selling issues.  Love the observation that nobody seems to have recognised the need for banks to establish robust management systems.

Perhaps the message is at last getting though.  Well done the CQI.  Click the link at the top of the page as it might just go some way to restoring your confidence. It might you know . . . .