Why Put Every Form Through Your 9001 Change Control System?

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Document Control, ISO 9001, Management systems, Quality Management, Quality System
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As I go round the sites of the smaller SMEs then one aspect that can get the biggest moan is the need to put every form update though change control. Now this might seem scandalous to the purists amongst you but for a small company, say 50 or less and without a dedicated QA resource, it all adds to the angst of maintaining a 9001 system.


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The forms that get the headlines are those that tend to be ongoing lists, you know the approved suppliers list, the audit schedule, training skills matrix, corrective action register, non-conformance register and the form amendment record itself. When any of these just get updated or added to then to have to put them through the formal change control cycle can start to act as a barrier.

A working solution if you are in this situation is to add a ‘Working Copy’ date to the form in addition to the Revision reference and date. All these date changes get included in your index which itself can now work on a ‘Working Copy’ date but only when these nominated forms get updated. For everything else it goes up a revision.

They wouldn’t get added to your Form Amendment Record because you are just filling them in but would clearly show what ‘working’ version was current which, after all, is the main requirement

Clearly if you change the format and structure of the form by adding and deleting data boxes then the template becomes another revision and would go through change control. However, just to manage lists then this provides a working alternative with everything still in control.

Do any of you face this administrative situation where you work or where you have installed systems? If so please give me some feedback and remember that more 9001 support is available at the 9001 Support Centre.








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