Are your Training records what you need, not what you’ve got?

Posted: December 23, 2012 in ISO 9001, Training
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In ISO 9001 the concept of keeping training records seems one of the simplest required, but more often than not I find it is the one area of the system that companies get, well, the wrong way round.

It is very common to find that the training records are there for each member of staff and within them I will find certificates from training sessions and other relevant qualifications for what the current job holder has achieved. Unfortunately, this doesn’t demonstrate competence for the job in hand as required by the standard merely what training and experience relates to the current job holder.

What you need to do first off is actually forget the person and focus on the job.  Take each position and list what skills your business requires from a potential job holder in order for the resultant output of work to be effective, as if you were recruiting from scratch. Most companies collate this information into a training skills matrix with the skill often down the left with the job title entered across the top.  Now you can add back each member of staff working for you under the appropriate job title and then what type of the records you have on their file as validation.

Instead of being swayed by what they have got already of file you assess them against the requirements of the job. Where there are gaps then you have neatly brought to the fore your training needs and requirements.  From there you can integrate those into an annual training programme and budget.

Some companies go to another level by highlighting the actual experience each employee holds for a task. for example, you might have a numeric, alpha or colour coded key to illustrate ‘Learning’, ‘Needs Supervision’, ‘Can work unsupervised’, ‘Can train others’ etc.

Sounds simple but you would be amazed how many companies shortcut the process.

Further information on maintaining your ISO 9001 system can be found at the ISO 9001 Support Centre as part of the service provided by The BPAS Group.

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