Ready to call in the auditors and get certified? Then make sure you shop around.

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Business, Certification, Costs, ROI, Stage 1 audit, Stage 2 audit
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One aspect of getting certified that sites need to manage is who they select to do the certification audit.  In my opinion, the first thing to make sure of is that it is a UKAS ( or equivalent ) body so that you know you are getting a qualified service.  However, there are still organisations out there that operate outside those limits and it can be tempting to go with them if money is tight.  Having said that, the old adage that you only get what you pay for happens to apply whoever you select.

You might be forgiven for thinking that of all the business assessments that you have to pay for then surely the quality system will be one where everyone delivers from a level playing field – not so.  In fact on several discussions I have initiated on LinkedIn the concept of high cost – low cost auditors seems to be accepted as part and parcel of this process.

Can it make that much difference?

Well yes it can actually.  There are clearly the market leaders who, not surprisingly, charge a premium price.  However, even looking beyond them the differences can be significant.

Putting them all into the mix,  I had a single site with less than 10 staff and I did my usual of getting three quotes so the client could get a feel of the overall costs.  This was both for the Stage 1 and 2 certification audits then the annual maintenance and surveillance audits for the three year approval period.  Now, the costs ranged from £2750 to £3681, a difference of £931 or near as makes no difference a third.

So, don’t follow the crowd and go with what the rest have got.  Get several quotes when the time is right as you would for other business services you purchase and make sure you are on the right side of the line.  If you need any more help on this then I’m more than happy to help. Visit the web site on

  1. PMG India says:

    It’s always pleasure to visit your blog and having varied useful information. I would like to know about the certification renew time period?


  2. peterts says:

    Sorry I missed your question earlier. The certification approval tends to run for a three year period and during that time surveillance audits have to be undertaken by the CB so as to cover all of the standard declared in the scope. They will invariably do the QA sections each time but give you a schedule so you can see when the other areas will be covered.

    In the old say days this used to happen 12 months after the initial certification audit but you will find these staggered anything from 6 to 9 to 12 months after. This can have a knock on effect as to how many audits you actually get so you need to check that aspect as well. The final visit nowadays tends to include the re-approval audit rather than arranging another specific audit for that purpose.

    Hope that helps and apologies once more as regards my oversight.

    Make your quality stand out!


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