“9001 – The Collection” if you want to learn cool stuff in a hurry

Posted: October 7, 2011 in ISO 9001, Quality, Quality Management, Training
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Recognising that businesses need information as quickly as possible in order to implement it and gain benefits,  I am now offering the full set of ISO 9001 Training Guide videos under the banner “9001 – The Collection”.  Rather than work through the free series each fortnight for six months you can be in total control of what you watch and when you watch it.

The aim is still the same, to lighten the load for the beleaguered Management Representatives who are often left to run the system on their own. You will hear me empathise with that situation here in the video taken from the new website:

Below are a selection of the comments I have received from subscribers of the free series and I feel they are testament to the warmth of feeling being displayed towards these videos:

* The videos are fabulous.  Your blog is a goldmine – and that and your videos have been a particular help to me.  Your clear communication style is wonderful, and one I want our audit team to try and emulate. You’ve gone viral here at Midland. Thank you for making this available and sharing your knowledge.  I hadn’t intended to write a fan letter, sorry I went on, but I wanted you to know your work is much appreciated. JB, Chicago, USA

* I would just like to say how informative and professionally set up your videos are, they really are priceless. TM, Kent, UK

* I would just like to start off by saying that I am thrilled to have your programme help me with my ISO journey that I have recently been put in charge of implementing at my company.  I am very new to all this and you are a saving grace to me.  I can’t thank you enough for your valuable insight. NW, California, USA

* Thanks Pete, the blog and the videos are actually a gold mine. Thanks a tonne , I  have recently been appointed as the MR for my organisation and I did not know where to start. JWT, Nairobi, Kenya

* I commend you for providing a wealth of great information that is easy to follow and gets you thinking about those methods in implementing good auditing techniques.  I especially like the Audit Methodology sections to help re-enforce the concepts and create new ideas on how to improve upon ones system. These are great refresher courses for all auditors at any level.  Thanks again, I look forward to receiving more information and reading your blogs.TL, Ohio, USA

* At the outset, I must thank you and congratulate you for your work. The guides are simply too good. The guides will help me conduct Internal Process Audits and design and improve upon the various checklists on the shop-floor. Looking forward for to a great association with you. AP, India

* And last but by no means least, thanks for the support videos.  What a fantastic idea!  They’re actually good too! MW, North Yorkshire, UK.

The new site has free samples for you to view so all you need to do is click onto “9001 – The Collection” so you can take advantage of them as well.

ps: By the way, subscribers to this blog should email me using the link at the very bottom of that website for news of a special discounted offer on The Collection!

  1. abcd106 says:

    Thanks for the video, very clear and usefull

    I’m working in chứng nhận iso 9001 so I think it will help me very much!


    • peterts says:

      Thanks and sorry for the delay 😦 For some reason this didn’t appear for approval. Hope it is all going well with 9001. Check out Apple and Android stores for new 9001 Support Centre App.


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