Mistakes when auditing

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Internal Auditing, ISO 9001, ISO 9001 Training Guides, Quality, Training
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I have been getting a bit of auditing done myself around a site or two these past couple of weeks which made the videos on auditing in the first of the series of ISO 9001 Training guides somewhat opportune. After all, I must practice what I preach!

With interest growing nicely for the videos I have decided that there’s no harm in putting a few out there for public consumption hence the release below that looks at five common mistakes when auditing.

As well as the need for the obvious ‘controlled’ approach there is also a requirement for the auditor to enter the arrangement in, shall we say, a ‘constructive’ frame of mind. Something that sometimes get overlooked.

Mind, if you are sat there thinking that you could add to this list based on your experience then please do. That way we can offer even better advice to those working on ISO for the first time. It’s for that reason that I’ve started a forum group on LinkedIn so feel free to join the ISO 9001 Training Forum on LinkedIn to further exchange ideas and opinions and build a useful resource.

The full range of guides can be accessed for free from my web site here.

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